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Populate subnets into Route53

27 Mar 2015

Recently I was working standarizing network addressing and host names as part of a deployment inside an AWS VPC, so I came up with this solution. This script associates IP addresses ranging from to and from to with DNS A records named and This can also be very useful when dealing with services rescricted by URLs and you need your developers to be able to publish them using their workstations.

# Force v1.x of the AWS SDK
gem 'aws-sdk', '< 2.0.0'

require 'rubygems'
require 'aws-sdk'
require 'colorize'

acces_key_id = 'YOUR_KEY_ID'
secret_access_key = 'YOUR_SECRET_KEY'
zone    = ''
zone_id = 'RUTE53_ZONE_ID'

ttl = 86400 # 24 hours

r53 = :access_key_id => acces_key_id, 
                        :secret_access_key => secret_access_key )
records = r53.hosted_zones[zone_id].rrsets

nets = %w( 192-168-10 192-168-11)

nets.each do |net|
  net_ip = net.gsub('-', '.')
  puts ">>>> #{net_ip}.0/24 <<<<".colorize(:red)
  (2..254).each do |i|
    records.create("ip-#{net}-#{i}.#{zone}.", 'A', :ttl => ttl, 
                    :resource_records => [{:value => "#{net_ip}.#{i}"}])
    puts "ip-#{net}-#{i}.#{zone} => #{net_ip}.#{i}"

This script definetely saved me a lot of clicks. Enjoy yourself!

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